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My New Skin Regimen

By xoxovinna · June 14, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Hi Everyone!

I'hv been on hiatus for the longest time ever, and now I'm done and ready to get my blog started again!

I'll start on my skin regimen and how my skin renew after I have been to DR Clinic

Firstly I'll share on my skin type & condition. 
I have oily t-zone, & normal skin condition on the rest of the face.
I started having whiteheads(really bad) congestion on my forehead since 17 -18+ and every product I have try ,even AHA treatments didn't help. Literally no products or facial I did in e past help, and after viewing so many blog reviews from DRX Clinic I decided to give it a last try, (I wasn't totally convinced that it will help me to recover from whitehead issue on my forehead zone. I went to DRX Clinic  last mth,  and book a appointment with Dr Angela , and her advise to me is to stop  all my other products beside makeup remover , and to get a
their full range of products from cleanser, toner , CF , AB , C , BF and sunscreen 6 items in total.

I signed up for their package which is $1200 before GST , includes $1200 dollars of credits n $350 products voucher . However the 6 products alone cost roughly $530 . In total I paid $1500+ for their products and facial package . For the first 2 weeks my whiteheads started popping out even more, ( I have check if with facialist and she mention that it's  normal as the products was meant push the dirt to the surface for easier remover) my whiteheads was really soften n easier to remove, during the 3rd week which , I went for their facial treatment,  which is their dermabrasion peel facial. Which is 215 credit points ($215).  During the facial treatment , they cleanse, did a deep cleanse with the diamond peel machine  follow by a ultra sound tools to penterate in the serum to allow it to absord in to the skin , follow by mask. They was no massage , as they are just dealing on your face and not so much of a spa or other beauty salon . After the facial treatment my forehead area was SOOO  red due to extraction , but they will a nice glow on the rest of my face, the next day my face is smoother and brighter , and Now my forehead feels almost bumpless . 

I would suggest you to try both their facial treatment and their products if you would want to see the effect on your skin.Anyway below are the products that I'm currently using. Cleansing oil (Sakura) from Shu Umera & DRX Clinic items. 
DISCLAIMER:All products and package are all paid by me, allare my true opinions

<span style="font-size: large;">So that's my skin now with light makeup!!! 


My whiteheads r gone!

By xoxovinna · May 24, 2013 · 0 Comments ·
My whiteheads r gone!
Not a sponsored adv, I'm doing sharing it because I'm really glad that my skin is finally bumps free! I went toDrx clinic a Mth back , with the use of their full range products and a facial treatment . My skin is cleared :)

Giveaway!!! Join now! Www.loveybelle.com

By xoxovinna · April 29, 2013 · 0 Comments ·
Giveaway!!! Join now! Www.loveybelle.com
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By xoxovinna · March 9, 2013 · 0 Comments ·
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Gelish harmony instock

By xoxovinna · July 9, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Wanna check if any would wanna get Gelish Harmony polish?
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Xoxo Vinna

My new skin care regime that WORKS!

By xoxovinna · June 19, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Make up removers

1.Dermologica -Essential cleansing 

I have been using this for about half a year, it's pretty much like a cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin.

It does remove light makeup too.


2.Aqua Label . 

My first product from Aqua Label, I would like this is a pretty good one. It removes my full face makeup, even waterproof mascara. ( I bought a few extra as back up)


3. The faceshop , I use this makeup remover almost everytime I have makeup on, it's really easy to you but could be a tad more messier as you would have to emulify it with water and raise off with warm water , also have to use a cleaser to remove the oil after using, as it gets really oily but cleanse thick makeup really well.


4.Garnier - This is a makeup remover that I bought recently from e sales, it removes all makeup on my face, but prolly not what I usually likes to do, I would usually prefer smth that I could apply directly on my face without using cottons pads.


5. Ginvera; My Hoily grail item. I use to moisturise my my eye area ,after removing my makeup and to clean any tracks of stubborn mascara, this is e step I do before using a cleanser on my face. 

 1. The faceshop; I use this gentle cleanser only in the morning 

2. The faceshop Whitetree cleanser: I like how this cleasner have tiny mirco beads that scrubs my face at the same time it cleanse in the evening.

3. Murad : This is a cleanser that's from their whitening range, no pros and cons on this. Just that I wouldn't purchase it again due to it being pricey.

4. Oriental Princess: I grab this from BKK , from their outlet store. It's just a cleanser to remove sunscreen. Doesn't really use this much ,no pros and cons.

5. Nivea : I grab this cleasner from the shelf as it was only $2! It gives a squeaky clean feel which I feel it's alright as long as it doesn't make my skin feels tight.

6. Murad AhA/BHA Exfoliate cleanser. This cleanser sounds harsh on skin, but it doesn't . It contain really fine mirco beads when u cleanse and my skins feels smooth after using it.


1. CURE : This a scrub which I use prolly 2/3 times a week , as it's really gentle. I would use a mask after everytime I scrub

2. St Lves: Many of you prolly have try this cleanser, I use this 2 times a week , as deep cleansing steps before I apply my deep cleansing mask.



1. Avene; I only use this after squeezing of pimple or after treading. It really helps to soothe any redness!

2. Vichy : I use this toner only on my t-zone area, pretty nice and refreshing feeling.

3. Netruogena: I use this toner only on my neck area.

4. Shiseido: I stocked up a few bottle of this softner , I love white lucent range . It's really helps on my dull skin.

5. DHC lotion: I  use this only on my cheek area which is less prone to breakouts and needed more  brightening due to some pigmentation I have.



1. Shiseido : White lucent moisuturizer with spf 16 . This product doesn't cause me any breakouts at all, and I have been using for about 3 mths, totally gonna repurchase once I finish it.


2. Shiseido : spot taches serum, I uses this serum every day at night before moisturizer . It absorbs really fast on my skin, and this is sure to be a product i'll repurchase , as I see effects on my skin. My skin feel much more radiant and doesn't have any more breakouts and even my white heads issue I always have on my forehead area is almost clear!  So white lucent range now is my all time favourite , totally holyu grail!

3. Shiseido; White lucent emulsion: it's smth I use after serum in the night. Absorb really well too.

4. Decleor : It's a balm, which I apply in the night after serum . I usually use this when I sleep with air con, as it's kind of like a oil base balm which helps to moistuize my skin and leaves it looking bright and soft in the morning.

5. Dermalogica : Ultra calming serum, a lightwear moisturize serum which I use when ever after facial , it soothen any redness from treading and extraction.

6. The Faceshop: Eco-therapy : I use this only on my neck area day at night as a serum. It's good if you're looking for a product with minimum chemicals or harsh ingredients.

7. Oriential Princess: A acne spf 40 I got from bkk, I use this sunblock after my white lucent spf 16 when I'm out for a long day under the sun, it absorbs fast but the only cons is that it have a smell of sunblock .


1. ATACHE: Purifying mask , this mask is really good in soothing the skin , Every you have it on you skin, it soothes the readness and have a cooling effect.

2. The Faceshop: I don't really like this mask, as it kinda of stinks and have a warm sensation. 

3. Kose : I use this mask as a deep cleasning mask , and yes it's goods but tend to be hard to remove.

4. Dermalogica : Hydrate masque, it helps to hydrate my skin and the best is it could be use as a eye mask too!

5. The faceshop : It feels like kose peel off mask just that it's only for nose area.

6. The Faceshop: I use this mask as a deep cleasning mask too. Pretty good for the price.

7. The faceshop: I use this kiwi mask after deep cleasning mask I use, it's really good for brightening . Gives you the glow!

1. The faceshop : Pimple Gel I use when I need a sudden pop up.

2. Swiss ritual: I got this from sasa, pretty decent eye cream to moisturize

3. Naruko: This eye cream is really moisturzing and good for use before makeup and doesn't crease my eyeshadow too.

4. Bio essence: It a eye gel with gold flakes that brighten your eye area.

5. Naruko: Night Gelly , which I use in the night after their eye cream. Acts like a eye sleeping masque.


PS. All products are bought with my own money.


PS. I use to have Bad breakouts like whiteheads on my Forehead, and now it's almost cleared !

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Onsugar app

By xoxovinna · June 10, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Yay onsugar finally has an app on iPhone! N it's so much easier to blog now

Nails/Beauty products on sales

By xoxovinna · May 21, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Hi Loves!,


Due to the fact that I'm currently pregnant, and being paranoid of using Nail items, i'll be selling off all my nail products either brand new (3/4)

or swatched at a mad dirt cheap price, i'll upload them upload them soon during this week.


So stay Tune!



I'm married!

By xoxovinna · March 25, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Hi Everyone!

I just got married on 17th march 2012!

which tells why I'hv been away for a long time.

If any of u need help in planning do let me know if you need any information!


I'm back!

By xoxovinna · November 11, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

HI Babes!

I'm back, i'hv always been onsugar reading your blogs and updates.

I'm here to check with all of you if you have visited any spas or beauty salons which are awesome!

Have a great weekend babes!


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